Giving begins where your passion and courage align with UIC’s vision

Gifts in all forms and of all sizes unleash potential.? You can see it in the diverse and talented students refining the next great idea. It’s clear in the scientists discovering new knowledge and applying it to empower communities.? It’s evident in the healing, which happens each day at the hands of our doctors, nurses and practitioners.? Excellence at UIC exists because of your support.

湖北快3必中公式,湖北快3必中公式计划公式As a community of educators, scholars, scientists and alumni, entrenched in disciplines from art to science to medicine, we see clearly the challenges facing societies around the globe.? Your partnership is vital as we educate the leaders, study the solutions and discover the cures that will defeat those challenges.

湖北快3必中公式,湖北快3必中公式计划公式We are Chicago’s public research university, and together we can build the tomorrow we imagine.

The Pop-Up Pantry

Fifty percent come from households with annual incomes below $50,000, making them eligible for federal and state funds granted for financial need.? These conditions often force them to balance the need for basic necessities like food with the financial demands of tuition, fees, textbooks and school supplies.

湖北快3必中公式,湖北快3必中公式计划公式The Pop-Up Pantry, which functions solely on donations from the UIC community, is a Wellness Center initiative that is committed to keeping students nourished, healthy, and academically engaged. Students in need can visit the Pop-Up Pantry monthly to shop the pantry’s shelves with dignity.? During the 2014-15 school year, we handed out 9,936 food items and 1,104 bags of groceries.

The M. Christine Schwartz Experiential Learning Laboratory

Janet Lee felt nervous as she watched the baby’s breathing become labored and its complexion turn from white to blue. She knew, however, that the infant was not going to die.

Nursing students using stethoscopes with mannequins for nursing training

湖北快3必中公式,湖北快3必中公式计划公式The senior nursing student was treating a mannequin that closely resembled a child in the College of Nursing’s M. Christine Schwartz Experiential Learning Laboratory. After reading the baby’s vital signs from a computer printout, Lee and her classmate hurriedly began formulating a treatment plan to restore the baby’s health. Their quick reactions and knowledge helped the baby survive.